How to Make Money Online Without Blogging or Surveys

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Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra money (…or a lot)?

For some people, the idea that they could be making money online seams unreal.

“What’s the catch?” some might even think. There is no catch, is actually quite simple.

To make money online you need to:

  • sell something that you own: a product or a service you provide
  • promote a product or service that you don’t own in exchange for a commission (affiliate marketing)
  • be useful to companies by proving feedback on their services (online surveys, website testing, social media evaluator and many more)

“This seams too simple. Why aren’t there more people doing it?” others might think.

Oh, but there are! And the numbers are growing every second.

Don’t confuse simple with easy. As with any other task you would do to make some money, it does require some dedication and time from your part.

After more than 16 years in the industry, when I write articles like this one, researching all the methods there are out there to make money online, I feel really stupid for not making more money right now!

I realize how much money I left on the table all these years. I realize how my laziness or fears are costing me.

First, decide what you would like to sell and how.

Let’s start with the obvious making money solutions first.

Do you have items in your house that are in good condition and you no longer use? I bet you do. At least one item.

Then sell them online. You can easily do that by posting an ad to these well know websites:

To take this to another level, you might consider flipping stuff or acting as an intermediary between persons who are looking for different services.

Flipping an item means buying it at a for a good price and selling it elsewhere for more.

Now ask yourself: What are my skills? What am I good at?

Depending on your answer, you can provide your services as a freelancer to people who are searching for them online.

Maybe you love writing, or editing videos, or taking wonderful photos.

No matter the domain, there is someone out there looking for what you have to offer. Take a few minutes and explore the websites listed below. You will find tons and tons of gigs.

The Endless Possibilities of Making Money Using Affiliate Marketing

On what subject do you posses the most information on?

Good question to start with. Let’s find something you would like to sell online.

You like sports, clothes, gadgets, movies, clothing? Maybe you have a hobby?

“What do I find myself googling most of the time? What product categories, what services?”

Make a list of 3 – 5 answers and write them down.

No matter the answer, there is a product out there for you to promote and make money on it.

How does affiliate marketing works?

  1. You choose a product that someone else produces.
  2. You promote the product online.
  3. When a sale is completed, you get a commission. Your job is done!
  4. Manufacturer handles all logistic and shipping details.

Affiliate marketing means promoting a product or service that you don’t own in exchange for a commission/revenue share.

The manufacturer or provider of services generates a special URL/affiliate link for you.

You distribute this URL online (your website, social media pages or groups, forums, blogs, anywhere you see fit, without spamming).

Every time someone clicks that URL and completes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale and your job is done!

You don’t need to have a stock, you do not handle the products or the shipping or the customer service or the nasty returns. The manufacturer or service provider takes care of this.

This process is generally being handle by affiliate networks. They are the platforms between affiliates (you) and manufacturers/service providers.

Affiliate networks make sure you have all the resources (banners, videos, etc) in order to promote the product. They also make sure you get paid.

The tricky part is WHERE and HOW are you going to promote your chosen products.

Let me share with you some basic strategies, just to make you see the endless possibilities there are.

Take them as guidelines and add your own twist. Don’t be afraid to combine them also. Once you get the complete picture, nothing will stop you.


METHOD #1 – Niche Facebook Group

Let’s say you love gadgets or beauty products.

Use your passion and create a Facebook group around it. Interact with members, offer good answers. You already know a lot on that particularly subject so why not be useful to others also?

Watch your Facebook Group grow. Once you see some interaction, you can include your affiliate links with your responses (but make sure to disclose that to your members, to not lose credibility).

Let me give you an example: You had acne in the past and after years of testing creams, you managed to have a beautiful acne free skin.

Now, you have created a Facebook group for people searching for solutions to their acne.

You provide answers and other members share their thoughts on the matter also. Whey they see fit, they can also vouch for your answer.

There is no harm in including your affiliate link when you recommend a cream that you actually used and had good results with it.

True, there is not an universal solution to getting rid of acne and you should advice people to consult a doctor first. But a Facebook group around this subject will most definitely provide them with good info.

When people decide to purchase online the products that you recommend, you will get a small commission. For example, Amazon pays you between 4 – 4.5% of product price for promoting healthcare products.

Twist of the method: you could also join similar Facebook group, participate in the discussion and if asked, share the products + your affiliate link in private message. Just make sure not to go around spamming, as you will get banned sooner than you can blink. Add value to people and you will be rewarded.

METHOD #2: Make Money with Instagram

Let’s build up an Instagram Account. You can start with your passion in mind and build up your account by posting relevant content. Or, maybe you identified a trending product and you want to build a fan account around that product.


  • You love to play a game (Eg: Fortnite) so you create an Instagram account where you post useful information about the game, news about recent updated, funny game screenshots, etc
  • You love golf, so your Instagram account is around this hobby. You post news, awesome new products, places you can play golf (If you want to make your account local), and so on.

How to get followers for your Instagram account?

The basic way is to visit pages similar to yours, click to see a list of their followers and simply follow them.

If you post good photos and information on your account, they will follow you back.

They will also engage with your content with likes and comments.

How to make money with your Business Instagram Account?

  1. Sell clothes to your followers – Find niche related items on Amazon, Asos or similar places. Advertise them to your followers using your affiliate urls.
  2. Promote Mobile Apps to your followers – There are affiliate networks out there that will pay you each time a user installs a mobile app, using your affiliate url. Sign up to affiliate network to find offers to promote.
  3. Make money with Shoutouts (Sponsored Posts) – Meaning, once you have over 30k followers (you can start will less also), other Instagram account owners may approach you and ask you to promote their page in a sponsored post. In exchange they will pay a certain amount of money. Depending on your number of followers, they will pay you between $50 – $300 (or more) per Shoutout.

METHOD #3: Provide value on and Cash In

Quora is one of the biggest Q&A websites out there. People post thousands of questions daily.

How can you make money?

Quora lets you insert links along with your answers also. The main idea is to answer people’s question and add a link pointing to your website at the end of your response (don’t worry, you can create a website for free). On your website, you will be promoting an affiliate product.

As a flow, it will look like this:

(1) People read your answer on Quora > (2) Click on link to visit your website > (3) Read your website > (4) Click to visit the product page that you promote > (5) If they decide to make a purchase, you get a commission.

NOTE: Do not spam, as you will be banned! Make sure the links you provide are relevant to the question being asked.

How to get started:

If you don’t have an account already, go to and create an account.

Use the Search Bar to find 1 topic you like and know a lot about (beauty, fashion, games, health, etc).

Then sign up for an affiliate network (it is completely free). ClickBank is a great affiliate network to start with. Once you have completed the sign up process, go to ClickBank Marketplace and find products related to your chosen topic. You can choose 1-3 products.

Inside the affiliate market, you will find your custom affiliate link. If you cannot find it, search google on “how to get my affiliate link ClickBank” .

Then, sign up for a new account on and create your free website.

Choose a template and customize the website a little – text/image logo, colors, etc (no special skills needed). You can easily create a logo with (it is free)

Write a 600 – 1000 words article about your chosen product. Say why you like it, why is the product different from other products, and so on.

If you don’t know how to write an article, you can spend $5 and have someone at Fiverr do it.

Add a couple of images to your article (do not steal images from other websites. Choose Free Stock Images. Here you can find some:

Add your affiliate link into the article you created (An example: Click here to visit official website , and insert your link into this text).

Now, that your landing page (website) is completed, let’s head over to and use the search bar to find questions relevant to our niche.

It is best to find questions asked in the last 24h and provide a valuable answer (good information, people can take action based on your answer, more than 300 words, etc). Don’t forget to insert the link to your website at the end. That’s it!

If you take your time with your answers, people will visit your website and some will purchase the product you promote.

Quora is just one place you can do this. You can also find relevant forums, blogs, facebook groups and so on.

The above methods should be your starting point.

Once you see a method that you find appealing, get familiar with the terms used to describe the method (google search, forums and niche specific blogs).

Learn how to create accounts on facebook/instagram, how to find relevant facebook groups, how to find good products to promote, get familiar with your affiliate network platform, learn how you could automate the process later on using marketing tools, and much more.

Or, if you are impatient like I am, take the shortcut and invest in an online course . The prices range from $30 – $200.

The main advantage of purchasing a course is getting the exact strategies other successful entrepreneurs applied to make money.  

An awesome place to start is Fiverr Courses . You can find thousand of courses on digital marketing, and the prices are around $40.

Or you can opt for audio books from Audible. Sign up for a 30 days Free Trial and you get 2 FREE Audiobooks (of your choice).

Even if you decide to close the account after 2 weeks of using, the audiobooks will be yours forever and you can access them any time.

Signing up for Audible is completely risk free: there are no fees, no hidden charges, no nothing.

Click here to check the Affilite Marketing Audiobooks that you can get for FREE

Believe me when I say this to you with all my heart: it is impossible NOT TO make money online, if you are consistent with your work.

You need to pick one direction, one strategy and stick to it until it hurts.

You have the skills, you can so easily research all the information you need. All it takes is determination: “I will do this!”. Not for a few hours, not for a few days, but until you get to the financial level you want.

Set a number and get to work! 🙂

Hello, my name is Mihaela.
I have been independent and making my own money as a Digital Entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. This is my personal blog, where I will be talking about techniques & strategies on how you could make more money online but I will be dedicating a huge part of the blog talking about what kind of person you must become in order to achieve your goals.