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Ah, passive income, making money even when you are sleeping or when sipping a cold cocktail on a beach somewhere – the big dream! What if I were to tell you that if you are truly committed, this dream can become reality, faster than you could imagine?

Let’s dig dipper into this idea…..

Setting up a blog is easy! Actually getting started, writing and making money out of your blog, is a whole other story.

Ok, so you are thinking about starting a blog to make money from it or just because you love writing, creating, you have a skill and want to share it with the world…or even better, both reasons combined!

Well, I’m here for you, let’s start the journey together! This right here, what you are reading right now, is my first time ever pouring my knowledge publicly into a blog post with the sole purpose of helping others get in the right mindset  and start making money online.

I do have more than 16 years of experience with making money online from websites, blogs, social media and so on (which I think is the ultimate goal for most of the people).

I have also been running a small local digital agency for the last 5 years, offering clients services like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, SEO, and perfect landing pages that convert like crazy.

But I have never actually gave back to others what I have learned in the last decade…until now.

Ok, what are we going to be covering today?

  1. Mindset – Why is so important to have the right Mindset before beginning
  2. Niche Finding – Find your passion, pick a niche to blog about
  3. How to Create a Blog on WordPress  – let’s show the world your talent.
  4. Secret Weapon – Find the text “Secret Weapon” spread between this article


Now, listen good and listen well! The secret to achieving ANYTHING you put your mind into, including making money online is: 90% mindset and 10% action (discipline, consistency & execution).

So, if you are wondering how to get started blogging, my best advice is: get your mind in the right direction.

Let me give you an example of why having the right mindset will guide you in the right direction. Let’s say you want to lose weight but you are struggling to do so for some time. Why do you think that is?

Everybody knows the science, the knowledge behind losing weight, right? It’s: watch what you eat + exercise regularly….it’s THAT simple, and is no secret! (we are talking here, in this example, about normal individuals without any major health problem).

I mean, there is so much information out there about losing weight ( we are bombarded everyday with TV commercials and online ads and we see blog posts about “how to..”), that it is becoming really hard to block the information rather than it is to search for it.

Also, it is impossible not to find a gym these days, almost walking distance from where you live, work, drink your coffee, shop for groceries, etc.

So, these information are all public, and yet there are still people struggling with losing weight. Why?

Because they don’t have the right mindset to move them into actually taking action, or they lack motivation to continue once they started because they cannot visualize themselves looking any different than they do today, so their brain says to them: “Why bother? You will be miserable doing the process and it will get you nowhere.”

So, take control over your mind and you will see your life turning into the direction you want it to go.

How to do that? Below are some quick tips:

  1. Have a full glass of water & lemon juice in the morning.
  2. Start your day with intent. This means that, before opening your email, scrolling Facebook or anything else, set your intentions for that day. A small 2-4 goals list should be perfect.
  3. If working from home, change your clothes, prepare like you are going to the office and have the same ritual before siting down to work to prepare your brain (for example: drinking coffee means start working)

I will also share with you full details in a future article.

SECRET WEAPON: If you are excited to get started and can’t wait for my next article, just follow the steps listed below to setup your blog, and drop me a message afterward with your blog url + a few details about yourself and why you think you lack motivation.

I will send you some motivational resources that fits your needs, to get you into the right mindset and get you pushing forward right now.

Personal Note: To have a better idea of how important the right mindset is, I’ll tell you this: I’ve started writing this section of the blog post when I was in an awesome mode, and the ideas were just pouring out.

I was so excited to share everything I know with you, so I composed half of it.

After a few days, I came back to continue the article, but I didn’t had the right mindset: my mind was all over the place, I was trying to concentrate but thoughts about bills, and day to day problems were keep coming into my mind and the text I was creating seamed without essence , compared to the one I have written a few days before.

I took a moment to laugh about the irony of the situation (telling you guys to get into the right mindset before starting working, but forgetting to apply the advice myself) then stopped writing this section, took 30 minutes pause to listen to my usual videos, meditate 5 minutes, then came back and continued. I was back onto the right track.

So let’s get you on track also….


I know, i know, it is very easy to get lost in all the “how to make money fast” or  “how to make money online” videos, articles and ideas. I can also tell you what the 3 best niches to make money from are: health, wealth (making money) and relationships.

But that doesn’t mean a thing for you, forget that. Why?

Because is more time consuming to try and create content in a niche you know nothing about, it is twice the effort: you have to learn how to make money from your blog while in the same time learning about the niche…it is exhausting  and you will crack under pressure soon enough.

I am not saying you shouldn’t go after one of the top 3 big niches if you are a very fast learner, have time and also money to invest or support yourself while learning.

But if you want to make your life easier and create content that just flows, then the best way to start a blog is by asking yourself:

What to write in a blog? What could I write about that comes really natural for me, because I know a lot about that subject?


What would I love to write about and would gladly do so for the next 6 months, even if i were to gain zero money from it, only for the satisfaction that my advice really helped somebody?

Here are some niches for you to get your thinking process started: fitness, fashion, nutrition, food recipes, restaurant reviews, beauty, travel, life hacks, celebrities, DIY, design, photography, sales, TV shows, movies, games, electronics, cat/dog information, etc.

So, take a 10 minutes break to contemplate on finding an answer , then continue reading.

Good, now you have your niche! Whatever you thought about, I am 100% positive that there is a way to make money out of it. And I will cover that in detail in one of my next articles.

Until then, a quick advice: think of a few key phrases or words someone interested in your niche would search on google, and then use Google Keyword Planner to see how many people are searching for that keyphrase/keyword every month.

Here is a guide https://ahrefs.com/blog/google-keyword-planner

Next step, you need a blog, right?


Now that you know what you want to write about, let’s get you online and ready to make money! Here are the steps to start a blog:

  1. Pick a Domain Name & Sign Up for Hosting
  2. Create WordPress Blog – Installing Steps
  3. Make your Blog Unique
1.Pick a Domain Name & Sign Up for Hosting

A domain name is the URL of your future blog, that string of character that people will type to get to your blog, and also your brand.

If you are wondering why you need to make a WordPress Blog on your own domain & hosting and why not just build your blog on a free platform like blogspot.com or wordpress.org, here are some very good reasons:

  • Your own domain looks more professional in the eyes of advertisers, companies and your readers, than having an URL like http://www.mycookingblog.blogspot.com
  • You show your readers that you are here for the long run, you show investment in what you do so you are more believable than someone blogging on a free blog
  • Free platforms like blogspot, wordpress.org or blogger.com can delete your blog whenever they want.
How to pick a good domain name

When choosing a domain name, keep in mind these rules:

  • Make it short, memorable and very easy to pronounce.
  • No hyphens or numbers
  • Use a “.com” domain when possible.

As for the creative part, there are multiple ways to approach this.

You can use your own name as the name of your future blog, if you want to brand yourself and sell your own services (photographer, writer, online marketer,etc)

You can start by thinking of your niche and words that are associated with that.

For exemple, if you are starting a cooking blog, some words would be: cooking, food, recipes, healthy, vegan or meat, and so on. Then you could use your imagination or a fun tool online to make up a domain name (Example of names I’ve just made up: thecookinglab.com, healthygeek.com, myveganlifestyle.com, etc)

A third option would be to think about the benefits your blog will bring to people and come up with a name/idea around that.

Taking the cooking example above, if my blog will be about  healthy vegan food, than it will show people the first steps to becoming vegan, it will present them with vegan recipes full of nutrients , it will outline healthy substitutes for meat, and so on.

So, considering the above benefits, some good names for this kind of blog would be: GoingVeganIsEasy.com,  QuickVeganRecipes.com, NoMeatAndStillAlive.com (haha)…ok,ok, so maybe these names are not the best ones as it tooked me 1 minute to came up with, but you get the point.

So, take a 10 minutes break to create a short list, then continue reading.

How to Host your Blog

Hope that by now, you have already made a list of 3-5 possible domain names for your blog, so let’s put your domain name on the internet, by signing up for a hosting service. 🙂

Still undecided about the domain name? No worries, you can also add this to the hosting service later on , so don’t get stuck here, let’s continue.

A good hosting is very important . It is the place your blog “lives”, where you keep all your files, content, all your hard work.  If you choose a bad hosting provider, you could end up losing a lot of money.

Just imagine that you just started making more than $100/day and your hosting server goes down. You are literally losing money, and are now desperate to get in touch with the support  team to get the blog back online, but they respond in 24-48h. Worse scenario ever!

To avoid that, set yourself up with some reliable hosting provides, like BlueHost.

Why I strongly recommend Bluehost?

  • they made the Sign up and setup process so easy and intuitive, it seems designed especially for newbies.
  • They understood that any new blogger needs also a website/blog and a domain name, so they threw that into the package deal. When signing up with Bluehost hosting, you are not only receiving an outstanding hosting service, but you also geting a FREE domain + 1-Click WordPress install
  • Their 24/7 Support are really there for you. Go ahead, ask these guys anything and they will jump with an answer (any service related
    question I mean, for the rest of your questions you have Google…or Siri, haha).
  • Their rates are competitive, at only $3.95/mo (when you opt for the 3Years Basic Package) or $5.95/mo (if you only have $71.40 to spend on 1 Year of hosting, which is still better than not doing anything  at all). Don’t forget that this also includes a free domain (worth between $8 – $15).

Yes, you invest $71.40 but you have just started your own blog, so it is a very small price to pay for having your little piece of the internet, that will soon generate new income for you.


Once you are on the Bluehost sign up page , click the big green GET STARTED BUTTON, then follow the steps:

  • Select your plan (Basic Plan is just fine for you in the beginning) >> Click Select Button.
  • On the next page, you will have 2 options:

Option 1: on the left side, you can now enter one of the domain names you have chosen (if you missed that part of the article, please scroll up and read how to choose a domain name);

Option 2: on the right side, you can enter your existing domain name, if you have already purchased one from somewhere else .

But hold on, there is a third option. If you want to sign up for hosting now and think about the domain name later, just wait 10 seconds and a small text will pop on this page. Click it, and you can skip this step.

  • On the next page, enter your  account information (name, address, etc), then choose between the Basic Plan for 12, 24 or 36 months (you will notice that you will pay less and less per month when choosing a longer period of time).
  • Here is totally up to you to choose, depending on your budget and your commitment to be consistent and make money over a long period of time from now on.
  • On “Package Extra” Section you can just go ahead and uncheck all boxes, or just keep the “Domain Privacy Protection” box checked. You will pay an additional $0.99 per month, but no one will be able to see your personal information ( name and email address). This way you are protected against spam emails.
  • Scroll down and you’ll get to the “Payment Information”, where you can insert your credit card details or click on “See more payment options” just below the title, and choose Paypal. 

Don’t worry, the payment is secured and also, Bluehost offers a 30 day MoneyBack Guarantee, so there is zero risk, if you change your mind. But why would you? You started this journey for a reason, to make money, so let’s move further.

  • Check the 2 boxes at the bottom, and click the big green button SUBMIT.

On the “Thank you” page, you will be guided to go to your email and click the confirmation link.  After that, click the “Create your password” button (don’t forget to write down all your login details, you will need them again).

Congratulations, you are now one step closer to having your own blog!

Keep this article open in one tab and keep implementing the below information as you proceed.

2. Create WordPress Blog – Installing Steps

After you create you password, click “Log In” and on the next page, you have the option to choose a free theme for your blog (a theme is the design/structure of your blog.

This is customizable and you can do that later without needing any programming skills). Choose whatever you like (it can be changed later on).

Great,  WordPress is now installing. You can click “Start Building” to go to your WordPress Dashboard and start customizing your blog.

3. Make your blog unique – How do you set up a blog

Now you can start customizing your blog but don’t waste time or get stuck perfecting your blog design. Do the minimum, and remember that good content + a few marketing tricks are the things that  will bring you visitors and money.

So, don’t sweat about your blog design too much. Nobody will care about your crappy logo if your blog posts will bring value to your visitors, if you make their life better, if you solve a problem they have.

Don’t waste time on small details. My old website looked like crap and it made me over 10.000$/month for 3 years straight. (Then one of the many Google updates came and took all my SEO traffic…haha…but I found new ways to bring traffic. This is a story for another time, let’s return!).

  • First, you need to add some must have free plugins: Yoast SEO, Google analytics, Contact form, and whatever else you consider necessary for your needs.
SECRET WEAPON: Need a plugin to do “something” but can’t decide on one? After completing all the above steps, drop me a message with your blog url, telling me what you need and I will guide you.
  • Next, you want to create some must have pages: About Me, Contact Page, Privacy Policy, etc
  • Create your Logo & Main Slider.
    For your logo creation, use www.canva.com . It’s free and super awesome. Just create an account and search “logo” in the main search bar. It will display free logo templates that are ready to be used.

Put it all together.

After you login to your WordPress Dashboard, go to your website main page and click Customize Icon.

Here you can choose your website name, description, create your meniu, add & customize widgets (these are small blocks of content. Every WordPress theme has some by default but you can add more). These are very intuitive, but if you have trouble, you can always do a Google Search or drop me a question.

The Theme that I am using for my blog is called Lavander and it gives me the option to put small blocks of content on the left sidebar, under and above main slider + footer area, so that is pretty cool.

Next go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options . Here are a few extra settings (you can upload your logo, main slider image, etc).

Just play around in your Dashbord to get used to it and if at any time, you cannot find something, know that all the answers are just one Google search away.

Guess what! You are now a blogger!

The important  thing to remember is always make progress. Write when you feel the flow, make adjustments to your blog design or research new subjects you want to write about, when you don’t feel like writing. Just don’t let a day go by without taking your blog a few steps further.

Useful note! Make an excel log file, where you track your progress. Write down the date of the month in Column 1, and the tasks that you just did in Column 2. And have separate Sheets for writing down ideas as they pop into your head, or to compose your list of To-do tasks the next day. Always end your day with writing down your To-do as they are now fresh in your head and it will be much easier the next day, to continue where you left off.


SECRET WEAPON: Let me help you setup your blog & show you how to make money blogging.

Bonus only for the truly committed people, that actually take action and implement the information in this blog post as they read it! Not tomorrow, not later, TODAY!

I am giving away my time!

This means that after you sign up for Bluehost hosting using my link, and you followed all the above steps to install your blog, I am here for you, if you have any questions.

Just drop me a message with your blog url & your questions.

But please please, don’t ask generic questions where you could find the answer by doing a simple Google Search. Ask me specific questions, that are related to your niche and that would take you hours of research to find the answer for.

I will gladly use all the knowledge I have gathered in the last 16 years of doing online marketing and give you the answers you are looking for.

Now, go and start populating your new blog with content and wait for my new article, where I will list all the ways you can make money out of your blog.

Hello, my name is Mihaela.
I have been independent and making my own money as a Digital Entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. This is my personal blog, where I will be talking about techniques & strategies on how you could make more money online but I will be dedicating a huge part of the blog talking about what kind of person you must become in order to achieve your goals.