Feed the Millionaire in You

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Success is a habit, it’s been said. Just like a muscle, your mind must be trained in order to produce the results you want.

Until you learn to control it, your mind will be a prison. A prison that holds within your most precious asset…your inner millionaire. Your inner millionaire is a better future YOU. It is all that you are now, at a whole nother level. It is the best version of yourself.

It is how you always wanted to be. He operates at his full potential. He is restless. He is wealthy, successful, confident and decision driven.

He has the house of his dreams, the car of his dreams, he has wonderful friends, an awesome family, a healthy strong body and a very sharp mind. He travels when he wants and works when he wants.

He is always looking for the next challenge in his life and he works toward it with a big smile on his face.
He found balance in his life, and knows how to enjoy every minute.

He sounds like the kind of person I would like to meet. He sounds like the kind of person I would like to be. Don’t you?

But at this moment, you barely notice his existence. His voice is weak and unable to break thru the thick walls of the prison you put him in.

You made him stand down, reduced him to silence and forgat to feed him dreams, goals and desires. You decided you dont need him in your life because it requires to much work from your part to have him here.

Maybe from time to time, you heard him whispering to you that he wants to materialize, and you throw a rope down the pit, for him to climb out. But he takes too long to climb, and the weight is too heavy for you. So you decide to throw the rope and let him fall back down.

Maybe you threw the rope and release it so many times, that he decided not to try to climb it at all, because the fall is too painful. You forgot he exists, you forgot his purpose in life. And he forgot there is a better world out there, beyond the prison walls.

He is now small, hungry, feels defeated and barely has a voice. The passing of time with failures after failures, reduced him to complete silence.

Your negative thinking put bricks and mortar on the prison walls of your mind. It is now impenetrable and not a single glare of light can come thru.

You continue your regular life, doing your daily chores. You wake up, take a shower, scroll thru social media or read a paper, eat something and head out the door. The days look the same and there is not much excitement. You are always busy, but not accomplishing much.

You have a job that pays the bills and brings food to your table. Maybe you have been doing it for a few years now and are starting to wonder “Is this all there is?”.

Maybe you have just started working there and you are still feeding on the thrilling of new beginnings.

And maybe…MAYBE this is truly your dream job and the place where your hungry inner millionaire will manifest.

Maybe you are lucky enough to have some good friends in your life. Maybe not.

Some days a smile appears on your face, some days you manage to find joy in little things and some days you are just sad without an explanation.

You continue to do this for a while.

From time to time, you hear a little voice inside you…call it intuition, call it the voice of your inner millionaire that already knows what he wants to do and where he wants to take you.

It is giving you hints that there is more out there. Things that you should be doing, places you should be visiting, stories that you should be telling, people you should be meeting.

You see some people around you living the life you would like to live.

Or you read about people with incredible success stories, that had an awful childhood, no money, no education but managed to go from zero to becoming self made millionaires.

Young or old, men or women, they all seem to have some things in common.

The more stories you hear, the more they become background noise to you.

Why? Because, although you understand the stories at an intellectual level , you take notice of the mentality of these successful people and you understand the strategies they applied, nothing makes you actually wanting to take action.

“These people play at another level” – you think to yourself…. “they have skills that i don’t”, “things come easy to them as I, have to struggle”.

These are comforting thoughts to you, because their existence makes your inaction justifiable. Your poor mind demanded reasons for why you weren’t moving forward.

And it made a wonderful job coming up with an answer. A misleading answer. An answer born from lack of knowledge.

But this is not the reality. You are more than capable. You are more than capable to achieve anything you want. Everyone is! We all have everything we need build in, like a super computer.

The difference is, some people never read the instructions on how to use the super computer…and that is your mind!

You ignore the voice that is trying to stir you in another direction and move on with your normal life, carefully staying in your lane and trying not to disrupt anything.

Because you created your comfort zone, a zone familiar to you. Here, things are clear, potential pains and suffering are well known to you and there are no surprises. Why go out into the unknown?

Little you knew that things inevitable change (but not improve) and it happens with or without your permission.

You can stay the same and things are still going to change around you.

You can do your job perfectly and still get fired when the company decides to restructure.

You can find yourself the perfect partner and he/she can still decides to walk away one day.

You can have everything you wanted and still get sick one day.

Your surroundings will change, your friends will change, your body will change. So, don’t try to beat change, you cannot win.

If you are a control freak, this realization can throw you into a depression. Or it can finally start to create an earthquake inside you. The prison’s walls are starting to shake.

You can wait for things to get better or you can make a pact to always be one step ahead, armed with the power to adapt to anything that comes.

Something screams from inside you: Enough is enough! If I want a better life, I have to make that happen! I cannot just sit around and hope that will happen on its own.

As change is inevitable, the only thing you can do is make yourself better, stronger, healthier, wiser, richer. PROGRESS is your answer.

No one is going to come and rescue you, there is no rescue boat, no prince charming, no leprechaun at the end of the rainbow ready to give you money. You have to move!

This realization is both scaring and liberating.

Finally, your inner millionaire found the strength to reach out to you again.

You are starting to understand what your inner voice was trying to tell you and why it was trying to disrupt your well structured life.

“Making my first million was easy, thinking I can make it was the hardest part” – Les Brown

Now that you are aware of your potential, what can you do to become one with your inner millionaire, and enjoy the better life that this new found mentality will bring you?

Feed his mind, feed his soul, fuel his ambitions, and soon he will show his face!

How to Bring Out the Millionaire in You

1. You have to ask your inner millionaire what he wants to accomplish, what are his passions and dreams.

The first step is to have a clear vision of the direction you want to go to and the person you want to become. Then set goals.

Imagine you are trying to build a house. You have to see the whole picture in your mind: how big you want the house to be, how many bedrooms, what color do you want for the floor, the doors, etc.

Then, having that picture in mind, you know what your next steps have to be in order to finish the house. You know where you have to go, you know what you need to buy, you know what tasks you need to finish.

Sit down, relax, take 3 deep breaths and ask yourself: “what do I want?” . Take notes of your passions, of your skills. See what makes your heart pump. Then, write your goals down on paper.

2. You have to give your inner millionaire reasons to take action.

You have managed to set your goals. Now you know what you want to do. Good!

But this drive you have right now won’t last unless you find good reasons to back it up. Why do you want to accomplish those goals? What drives you? You need to know this.

Because when you will hit a rough patch (and you will), your WHY will give you strength to continue, will pull you forward.

When friends and family will doubt you, when people will make fun of your dreams, when you will hit a financial step back, your WHY has to be stronger than your reasons to quit.

Otherwise, your fears will take over. You will get discouraged. You will give up. Find your WHY, write it down, say it out load to yourself every day, carry it with you on that piece of paper, have faith.


3. You have to give your inner millionaire power to do it

Once your mind is set on a direction, it is time to make sure your body is at its best. You cannot make a long drive with an empty tank or with a tank full of garbage.

So, take care of your body, make sure that what you are eating gives you energy.

If you are eating a heavy meal that your body will take 4 hours to digest and you feel sleepy afterwards, you are not doing yourself any favor.

Start your morning right:

  • stretch for a few and take 3 deep breaths
  • hydrate, eat a nutritious breakfast & take your vitamins
  • take a second to be grateful that you are alive, that you are healthy, that you are still here and you have another change to accomplish your dreams
  • revise your goals for the day
  • practice positive affirmations, and stay guard to your mind. Don’t let negative thinking slip by and disrupt you from your goals.

Exercise! You don’t need a trainer, you don’t need anything fancy, just move! Don’t have access to a gym? Run outside, go swimming, or do jumping jacks, burpees and push ups. Anything to make your blood pump.

4. You have to give him tools and strategies

You have the right mindset, your body is at his best. You have energy and you have a clear direction. Now, it is time to develop your skills.

You are lucky to have all the information in the world only one click away, one scroll away, one Google search away. So, take advantage of this, and start developing the skills you need to accomplish your goals.

Did you know that, if you read 2 books/month, in only 5 years you will be among the Top Experts in that particular field? That is amazing!

I never liked reading books, as I never had the patience to actually sit down and read. If you are like me, you will fall in love with audio books. I hit play whenever I drive, wash the dishes, wait in line or have some spare time.

The fact that I don’t have to find extra time to read, and I just fill the empty blocks of time I have in a day, revolutionized everything for me.

For someone who never touched a book until I reached 30 years, I am now addicted to my Audible App (An Amazon Product), finishing 2-4 books a month.

So, for those who are determined to get their income to the next level by starting an online business, these are the Top 3 books I advice you to start reading right away.

  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  2. Think and Grow Rich
  3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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5. You have to reward your inner millionaire for small wins

If you are like most people, you tend to notice all the little mistakes you do in a day, but spare no attention to all the good things you accomplish, like doing really well on a meeting or reaching your fitness goals for the day.

Studies have shown that a good technique of forming good habits and sticking to them is to reward yourself after you have completed a significant step towards your goal or after getting a small victory.

Why is that important? Because you teach your brain to look at micro wins as stepping stones toward accomplishing your big goal. And with each stepping stone, you get closer and closer.

This creates clarity and it feels less overwhelming than looking at the big picture.

So, stop for a minute and notice your micro wins. Get excited about it and reward yourself. Try a new coffee shop you always wanted to go to, buy yourself that shirt…anything to boost your excitement.

This will give you confidence and you will feel more determined to reach the next step.

6. And last, but not least, you have to show your inner millionaire that life is FUN!

Don’t torture yourself each day with continuous work. You need enjoyable moments in your life in order to de-stress and let your creativity lose.

Go out, play games, enjoy your hobbies, share ideas with friends, do something small for a stranger, change your work environment whenever you can, take vacations.

When you are working toward a goal, enjoy the process. Don’t say “I will be happy when…”. Be happy now, you will never be this age again. Then, get excited and work toward next level!

There is a time for work and a time for fun. Don’t sit at your office thinking you should be at the beach. And don’t go to the beach thinking you should be working right now. Enjoy the present moment.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

There is no big secret to getting where you want to go in life or becoming a millionaire. It is as simple as small changes, small good habits done continuously on a daily basis until you succeed.

Hello, my name is Mihaela.
I have been independent and making my own money as a Digital Entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. This is my personal blog, where I will be talking about techniques & strategies on how you could make more money online but I will be dedicating a huge part of the blog talking about what kind of person you must become in order to achieve your goals.