Have Your Own Blog, Make Money, Live a Stress Free Life

Ah, passive income, making money even when you are sleeping or when sipping a cold cocktail on a beach somewhere – the big dream! What if I were to tell you that if you are truly committed, this dream can become reality, faster than you could imagine? Let’s dig dipper into this idea….. Setting up a blog is easy! Actually getting started, writing and making money out of your blog, is a whole other story. Ok, so you are thinking about starting a blog to make money from it or just because you love writing, creating, you have a skill

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Hello, my name is Mihaela.
I have been independent and making my own money as a Digital Entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. This is my personal blog, where I will be talking about techniques & strategies on how you could make more money online but I will be dedicating a huge part of the blog talking about what kind of person you must become in order to achieve your goals.